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Fly Fitness & Wellness Inc.

Flexibility • Balance • Happiness

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Holistic personal training

I combine physical training with elements of mental and emotional health training build a strong foundation. Learn how confidence and happiness can make a difference to your overall health.

Group Fitness

Take a barre class and challenge your body in new and creative ways, or sign up for an indoor boot camp to try new things and push your body to new levels.

Dance classes

Movement makes you feel rejuvenated and energized in body, mind and soul. Reconnect with your body and learn basic movements, dance styles and choreography.



From body confidence to the importance of happiness, I offer a variety of workshops for all skill levels. I want to give women the tools to love their bodies, minds and souls. Let's work together to find a workshop that fits into your schedule so you can get on the road to happiness.


Reiki Healing

Cleanse yourbody and become aware of your body and surroundings. Let my skills in Reiki healing ease your anxiety, decrease your chronic pain and release negative emotions. Sometimes a return to natural ways of healing can be extremely powerful for our bodies, minds and souls.


Fitness Packages

Choose from a variety of fitness packages to fit your skill level, schedule and needs. Get a chance to try any or all of my services in combination with unique and personalized training sessions. Learn how to take control of your body and your mind to create harmony. You'll never know your limits unless you push past them.



"I have been training with Candace for almost two years now. Candace really listened while we discussed my personal goals, and she incorporates them into every session we do. She creatively tailors her sessions to increase their intensity as your strength improves, while keeping the exercises fresh and challenging. ‎I never feel like I am doing the same old thing with Candace, and yet I continuously feel improvements in my strength, mobility and endurance."


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