Strong Women Are Sexy!

“A strong woman believes that she's strong enough to face her journey, but a woman of strength has FAITH that it is in this journey that she will become strong…” Anonymous.


   All women work to achieve confidence, poise, intelligence and success in our lives, it may be a mans world but we are heading into the 21st century with an incomparable will to be on par if not better.  This is why the ultimate package that all women should aim for is a strong figure!  As a woman and because what society and fitness trends embed into our brains we hold ourselves back physically and don’t want to gain too much muscle because it will ”bulk me up”; however muscular definition and athletic women are attractive to both sexes.  A woman that is healthy not only takes care of herself but also respects herself, treasuring her sacred temple by eating healthy and being physically fit.  A woman that is strong shows that she will go the extra mile, she will persevere, and she pushes herself to the limits, conquering her goals head on. 

   To be strong and stay strong is an ongoing process, you have to work at it every day whether through exercise, proper nutrition, or simply reading a good book.  It is a lifestyle, which takes a dedicated and committed individual leaps and bounds to their next challenge or journey; that is empowering and a very sexy trait!  A woman that knows what she wants and accomplishes it!  Next time you reach for the 2Lb dumb bell at the gym, take your hand off it and grab the 12Lb one instead. Remember that strength is sexy, it is a belief in oneself and it can surprise you when you least expect it. Be yourself, improve yourself and achieve your fitness goals because today is the day that is one step closer to becoming your own strong and sexy goddess!

Strong is sexy ladies…     


Candace Cowan

Candace Cowan