Movement is freeing and fun in all its forms. I am passionate about dance and movement, and I love to share the gift of dance and movement with everyone. Dance is a healthy way to get your energy flowing with only a little bit of effort. Expressive movement and dance helps our minds be more creative and reduce the clutter in our minds. Movement helps you heal your heart and soul, and leaves you feeling rejuvenated and energized. Dance is also a great way to reconnect with our body. Passion comes from the heart, and when we learn to move from the heart, everything else will follow.

How to Dance

Are you looking to learn basic movements and fluidity or a specific style of dance? Do you need a dance choreographed for solo dances, Burlesque, wedding dances, or group numbers? I have experience in many forms of basic movements and dance and can help you make a special experience one-on-one, with couples, or with groups. Contact me for availability and pricing.

SULTRY FIT- The Sexy Way to Get Fit!  

every wednesday commencing September 26-December 12, 2018, 7:30-9PM
Evergreen Theatre and Community Spaces | 1709 8 Avenue NE

Are you ready to feel happier and more energetic? Learn the basics and foundations of dance so you can be free and confident! This class is a fun and a safe environment so you can develop your dance skills. We use technique from Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Barre and the fundamentals that are at the base of all of them! You will learn a wide variety of dance styles including Jazz, Burlesque, Showgirl, Broadway and much more! We also combine fitness with dance so you have the endurance to dance the night away! Come join our tribe as we unleash our sexy side by lifting our booties and our spirits! Sultry Fit caters to all skill levels!  

We have performance opportunities for the tribe! Our next show is Moulin Rouge November 9 & 10.


Price: $20/ per class (+GST) when you register for 6 or more classes or $24/ drop in (+GST) (90 min class)


For more information:

Interested in dance classes? Give me a shout and we'll find a time that works for you!

Want to attend a SULTRY FIT! class? Give me a shout and we'll get you registered!