Reiki healing is an amazing cleanse for your body, and helps you become better aware of your body and your surroundings. Reiki helps to release energy blockages and create proper energy flow. This can be helpful for anxiety, pain, and the release of negative emotions. I have been trained in Reiki healing methods and have my Reiki Level 1 & Level 2 certifications.

I was first exposed to Reiki healing after a surgery on my knee in 2008. I had osteochondritis dissecans, a common injury among young athletes where the bones do not have enough blood flow and results in bone decay and breakage. After my surgery, I was told I would never dance again because according to my surgeon, my knee had only recovered fifty percent. My surgeon also recommended another specialist, followed by yet another surgery. Rather than being disheartened with this medical diagnosis, I turned to natural healing. I worked with a natural healer and became certified in Reiki. I have since returned to dancing and have not had any issues since. I am living proof of the benefits of Reiki healing!


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