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Candace has been my fitness instructor for almost a year! We meet twice a week and it has changed my life in many ways!
Training with Candace has helped to make me strong physically and mentally, with exercises and diet plans which work!
I am in much better place since meeting Candace in so many ways and my fitness has improved so much!
I am someone who has never done exercises before so this was a huge learning curve for me.
I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to make positive changes in their life, to improve fitness and get the body you deserve, Candace will help you MAKE IT HAPPEN!
— Christina Hendra, December 2018
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Candace is an amazing and supportive instructor, I’ve taken her Barre classes, Sultry Fit Dance classes and have performed with Fly Dance Troupe. I’ve seen a huge improvement in my confidence as a dancer through weekly classes and rehearsals. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious, highly recommend her classes no matter what level of dance/fitness you are.
— Nicky Markin, December 2018
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I love working with Candace! Attention to details, strong fundamentals, ability to teach - combined with tremendous patience and always positive, friendly, kind, and fun attitude... what not to love??? 👍❤️
— Mia Salomakhin, November 2018
I originally had a massage therapist suggest a barre class to me as way to loosen up my hips and SI joints. So when I got an email about Candace’s barre class, I thought now is my chance to give this a try and see what happens. While I was a little nervous attending my first class Candace immediately made me feel welcome and put me at ease. Her enthusiasm and encouragement are so inspiring that I want to keep going, not just for the workout, but for the fun and camaraderie she creates in her classes.

After attending her class for the last 6 months I not only feel stronger and taller, but I have noticed my hips and pelvis are much looser. My SI joints used to lock up all the time to the point I would see a chiropractor almost weekly, and now I find I only need to go now and again and even he has commented on how much better my joints and hips are moving.

For anyone looking to improve their fitness level, or mix up their workout routine I highly recommend Candace’s class as a place to start. Yes it’s challenging, but Candace’s warmth and joyfulness make it fun and even more worthwhile than your average workout. She will modify any of the moves to suit your ability, and always makes you feel like you can do it. She was right, I can do it – and so can you!
— Angela Cove, March 2018

I have been training with Candace for three months and she is an amazing personal trainer. Every single workout has been tailored to me, my fitness level and my goals. The workouts are never boring or repetitive, and they always challenge me to work hard, while also respecting my body and it’s limits.

I’m someone who has always struggled with finding motivation to workout and have never really been confident in my body or my fitness level. Candace promotes not only physical health, but mental health as well, and focuses on the importance of positivity and loving yourself alongside the workouts. She gives continuous support during and after our sessions, and I always leave feeling like I gave my absolute all.

Since I’ve been working with Candace, I feel so much stronger, more confident, and I truly enjoy every workout we do together. Candace is so supportive and encouraging, and truly makes me feel like I can do anything. When I’m at my weakest and most tired, she’s down on the ground doing burpees along side me to keep me going. I would absolutely recommend Fly Fitness & Wellness to anyone looking for a change - whether physical or mental! Candace is one of a kind and her energy will absolutely change your life.
— Erica Price, January 2018

Candace is a pleasure to train with. Her attitude and energy are both top notch. She was able to work around my very unconventional schedule (night shifts) and has been very accommodating to last-minute schedule changes.

I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to get into fitness at any level.
— Joe Bouchard, August 2017

Somehow, I managed to get a part in a Broadway style musical without ever having taken formal dance lessons. I only had 12 weeks before rehearsals started, so I reached out to one of the professional studios. They strung me along for two weeks and then just stopped returning my calls. Desperate now, with only 10 weeks left, my wife found Candace through a mutual friend.

Candace was a life saver! She arranged right away to do an assessment of my skill. Within days, we started her weekly lesson plan to give me a crash course on all the basics. Her lessons gave me the confidence to go into rehearsals with seasoned dancers and hold my own. She was always on time and professional and her high levels of energy and positivity were contagious, even when the last thing I wanted to do was to take a dance lesson after working 8 hours at my day job. I was so impressed with Candace that I even went to some of her weekly drop-in fitness boot camps to help me get into shape for the show.

As I write this, I’m two shows into an 8-show run and I’m nailing the song and dance routine. I even got my picture in the paper!
— Martyn Van Remmen, August 2017

I have been attending Candace’s Ballet Barre class for over two years now. I went into it with hesitation but wanting to try a new workout. Candace has taken me from an, “I think I’ll try it” person to, “I hate when I miss this.” The class is tough because she addresses all levels of skill and changes it up as skill levels improve.

I am definitely stronger and more flexible than when I started! The part that I enjoy most, save for the stress-busting hour with Barre, is seeing the same people who keep coming to the class every session because we all love the laughter and energy. It doesn’t matter how old you are or if you were ever a dancer. We have fun, sweat, and feel good about our achievements. Candace is an absolutely wonderful teacher and motivator.
— Gillian Selby, July 2017

I highly recommend Candace Cowan of Fly Fitness and Wellness to be your personal trainer. Her holistic approach to health and wellness has been helpful to me in many ways. After being in a car accident two years ago, I am still dealing with the physical effects of the injuries I sustained. Candace took the time to communicate with my health care providers to understand how she can best help me in collaboration with what they are also doing. Each of the customized workouts that she creates for me take these injuries into consideration and she consistently provides needed modifications. She diligently watches my form to ensure that I am performing the exercises accurately for both technique and for my unique physical needs.

Candace is also a wonderful support person in terms of encouraging balance, kindness and self-nurturing. She is one of the kindest people I know and spreads her joyful and exuberant energy everywhere she goes. She is authentic, loving and the person you want in your corner if you are looking to create change for yourself and your wellness.

If you are looking for someone to support you in achieving your fitness and wellness goals – Candace is your gal! Give her a shot. You will be so pleased that you did.
— Shelley Hayes, May 2017

I’ve been attending Candace’s weekly Booty Barre class for about two years. It has become an important part of my fitness activities. I appreciate that the exercises and equipment change slightly from week to week. You notice yourself improving and progressing with familiar exercises, but there is enough variation that you don’t become bored.

Candace’s class is always appropriately challenging, but most significant is the tone she is able to develop in the class. There is a feeling of encouragement, support and camaraderie that helps make the class also feel like a fun get together. In addition to all of that, perhaps the best testimonial came from my husband who noticed (and keeps noticing) that my rear end really transformed. Thanks, Candace.
— Heather Johnson, May 2017

I have been training with Candace for almost two years now. Candace really listened while we discussed my personal goals, and she incorporates them into every session we do. She creatively tailors her sessions to increase their intensity as your strength improves, while keeping the exercises fresh and challenging. ‎I never feel like I am doing the same old thing with Candace, and yet I continuously feel improvements in my strength, mobility and endurance.

Candace takes technique and form very seriously. She has an eagle’s eye for detail, and ensures you are doing every movement with proper alignment and within your range of motion. She truly respects your body and never makes you do anything that makes you uncomfortable. I always feel like my body is safe and protected when I am with her, and if there is something my body can’t do comfortably she finds another way to target similar muscles.

Candace can be quite firm with your mental game, and will not let you get away with giving in or giving up. She has an uncanny ability to make you want to do another rep, hold for another ten seconds, or my favourite, leave it all on the floor. I am always satisfied and have no regrets after any session. I always feel like I gave it my best, which is a testament to Candace’s style and approach to her sessions. I always look forward to our next session together.
— Lenore, February 2017

Candace’s personal training sessions have been such a great addition to my fitness routine. Normally I prefer to work out alone, and my workouts consist of a rotation of hot yoga, weights, hula hooping, cardio workouts at home, and sports like Ultimate Frisbee and Dodgeball. Working with Candace has made a noticeable difference in my overall fitness level and strength. All of my other workouts are becoming easier and easier. I didn’t think working with a trainer could have such an effect on my fitness level when I’m a fairly active person to begin with, and I’ve been thrilled with the results I immediately started seeing.

Every session with her is well-planned, new, and refreshing. She incorporates equipment, like the TRX, that I wouldn’t get to use otherwise. The workouts she designs for me are never boring, and they vary so much between each session that it’s impossible to feel like you’re stuck in a routine. You can tell that she puts in a great deal of effort in planning each session, which really adds to the value the services she provides. Even the basic format of each training session are very diverse. She’s also very good at incorporating whatever existing exercise equipment you may already own.

After our sessions, I’m often sore in places where I didn’t even realize I had muscles. Having her adjust and correct my form has been incredibly helpful – now when I work out at home, the movements are even more effective, because I’m getting better at targeting the muscle groups I’m aiming for. Even with things like plank pose, which I thought I had mastered after years of doing yoga, her minor adjustments to my form has made it so I can hold the pose much longer than I was able to before she started training me. Some of her form adjustments have shown me ways to do exercises in a way that is safer for my joints, especially my lower back, which can sometimes be sore throughout the day. She is always ready with modifications or an alternate exercise if something is uncomfortable for me on any given day.

I also cannot say enough good things about the energy and attitude that Candace brings to the table. Even when she’s pushing me to new limits and my muscles are shaking, her energy and encouragement make it easier to keep going and prove to myself that I’m stronger than I think I am. She consistently has a bright and sunny attitude, and it makes working with her incredibly enjoyable, even when the exercises she has planned for me are extremely challenging.

I always look forward to her training me, even though I know what she has planned for me will be physically demanding and difficult. Candace is an excellent trainer and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to increase their fitness and strengthen their bodies!
— Lauren Zaoral, November 2016

I would like to express my appreciation to Candace for helping my fiancé and I look amazing and feel confident as we took our first dance as husband and wife. We hired Candace to choreograph a couple of dances for us as we prepared for our wedding.

Candace was creative and energetic while providing positive reinforcement and made us feel very comfortable during our dance lessons. I can’t thank her enough for making our first dance so memorable by teaching us how to move effortlessly on the dance floor.
— Jocelyn Perry and Robert Chiarastella, November 2015